Monday, July 24, 2017

24th of July Parade

2017-2018 Class Schedule

Class Schedule 2017-2018


Preschool 2:30-3:15 hw

Ballet 1 4:15-5:45 jr Propel 4:15-5:45 hw

Ballet 2 5:45-7:15 jr Turns and leaps 5:45-6:45 hw

Ballet 3 7:15-8:45 jr Impact 6:45-8:15 hw


Preschool 10:00-10:45 rd

High school class 4:00-5:30 hw Jazz company 2 4:00-5:30 ar

Lapetities 5:30-7:00 hw Jazz company 1 5:30-7:00 ar

Jr crew hip hop 7:00-8:00 ar


Combo 1 4:15-5:15 hw

Combo 2 5:15-6:15 rd Crew Hip Hop 5:15-6:15 hw

Combo 3 6:15-7:15 hw Tap 6:15-7:15 nb


Ballet 2 4:15-6:15 jr Kaleidascope 4:15-6:15 hw

Ballet 3 6:15-8:15 jr Turns and Leaps 6:15-7:15 hw

Tumbling/acro 7:15-8:15

Tumbling/acro  8:15-9:15

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Opening Number pictures

 Cute Pictures of the kids all ready for the curtain to go up on to start the concert!!! The Show was amazing and the Artistic ability of all The Dance Source Dancers never ceases to amaze me!  WE Love Our dancers!

Summer Camps and schedule

 All American Girl Summer camp                                                                         July 25-27 1:00-3:30, the cost is $60 and will include a snack each day, craft for your doll and All American Girl T-Shirt, with a showcase on the July 27 to share with you the dances we have learned. Invite your friends and neighbors to come join us for a fun new and exciting camp while learning about american history in dance!

Summer Dance session Ballet, Jazz technique & conditioning  
Session 1 June 12-June 16  9:00-1:00
Session 2 July 25-July 28       8:00-1:00
Session 3 July 31-August 4    9:00-1:00

Specialized Dance Style Summer camps                                 
Musical theatre camp July 11-13 9:00-10:00                                                                                        Hip Hop camp July 11-13 10:00-11:00                                                                                                 Contempory camp  August 8-10 9:00-10:00                                                                                           Tap camp August 8-10 9:00-10:00

Friday, May 19, 2017

2017-2018 Auditions!


MAY 23 & 24                     May 25 May 25 
5-10 yr 5:30-7:00                       5-10 yr 4:00-5:30
11-18 yr 4:00-5:30                    11-18 yr 6:00-7:30



Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Class Schedule 2016-2017

Class Schedule 2016-2017

Monday                            Studio 1               Studio 2
10:00-10:45 AM Preschool   rd   

3:00-3:45 PM Preschool   hw

4:00-5:00 Combo 1a     hw Ballet 1a 4:00-5:15    jr
5:00-6:00 Combo 1b     hw  Ballet 2 5:15-6:45    jr
6:00-7:00 Combo 2       rd Ballet 3 6:45-8:45 / point jr

4:00-5:45 Lapitites Jazz company 1 4:00-5:30 ar
5:45-6:45 Jazz and hip hop hw Jazz company 2 5:30-7:00 ar

4:00-5:30 Ballet 3  jr Kaleidoscope  hw
5:30-6:30 Combo 3 hw Turns and Leaps nb

Hip Hop el  6:30-7:30 Tap nb    6:30-7:15

Tumbling jc


Impact  4:00-6:00  hw
5:30-7:30 Ballet 2 / pre point   jr  Propel  5:30-7:30  hw 

Company hip hop  hw 

Teachers  – Heidi Wright- hw; Heidi Allen- ha; Rashell Downs- rd; Nansi Blau- nb; Jessica Cevering- jc;                                    
Jenna Ream- jr; Emme Lewis- el
Class Key
Preschool - 3-4 yr olds   Leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers, black tap shoes, hair in bun
Combo 1 - Kindergarten - 1st Grade  Leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers, black tap shoes, hair in bun
Combo 2 - 2nd Grade - 3rd  Grade  Leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers, black tap shoes, hair in bun
Combo 3 - 4th Grade - 5th  Grade  form fitting dance outfit, black tap shoes, hair in bun
Jazz, Hip Hop - 6th Grade and Up form fitting dance outfit, hair pulled up, tennis shoes
Ballet - 5yrs old and Up  Leotard, pink tights, pink split sole ballet slippers
Jazz company 1 – Kindergarten – 5th grade form fitting dance outfit, hair pulled up
Jazz company 2 – 6th grade and up form fitting dance outfit, hair pulled up
Kaleidoscope, Impact & Propel – Audition only form fitting dance outfit
Tap, Tumbling & Turns and Leaps – 5yrs and up  form fitting dance outfit, black tap shoes for tap
Hip Hop - ages 7yrs and up - must be registered for combo or ballet class tennis shoes, hair pulled up 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Summer Dance Schedule

Summer Sessions Schedule

Session 1            June 13-June 17            9:00-1:00
Session 2            July 11-July 15             9:00-1:00
Session 3            August 8-August 12     9:00-1:00

Summer Dance Camps

Musical Theatre                July 19-21   9:00-10:00
Hip Hop                            July 19-21   10:00-11:00

Contemporary                   August 2-4   9:00-10:00
Tap                                    August 2-4    10:00-11:00

All American Girls Summer Camp      July 25-28  9:30-12:00

Come join us for an All American Girls Summer camp.  Bring your favorite Doll and enjoy a summer dance camp that is perfect for any doll loving dancer!  Her camp day will be filled with crafts, games, and dance.  This may be her favorite week of the summer!  Camp will end with a spectacular performance  by the Dancers!!
We will be learning different dance styles popular with girls during different eras of American history!  We will also talk about different things girls liked to do during those eras.  For our craft we will be making costume accessories for our dolls. Snacks and All American Girls Summer Camp T-shirt will be included!

Bring your friends and learn some fun historical dance information while having fun!

Summer dance camps $35.00
All American Girls camp $70